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Wallace Collection
The Wallace Collection will be holding an exhibition ‘Treasures of the Black Death’, Jewish jewellery from Thuringia from 19th February to 17th May 2009. Details from the Wallace Collection: The Wallace Collection, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN; tel.: 020 7563 9500. The exhibition was first shown in Paris in 2007. The exhibition’s curator, Maria Stuerzebecher, will be giving a lecture on the subject: ‘The Erfurt Treasure: A Jewish hoard from Thuringia at the time of the Black Death’ at the Society of Jewellery Historians at the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House on February 24th, 2009. Enquiries to the Society of Jewellery Historians
Scientific Research, The British Museum, London WC1B 3DG; contact:


Current Contents: recent articles of Jewish interest and significance

Apollo, October 2008
Louise Nicholson: Interview: Anita Zabludowicz, Art for sharing
Caro’s Chapel: ‘Chapel of Light’ in a medieval church near Calais
Art journal, 15, No. 3, 2008
Rosalind McKever, A decade of discovery: ten years of the Estorick Collection
Jewish Journal of Sociology, L. nos. 1 & 2, 2008
Harold Pollins, The Jewish Community of Brynmawr, Wales
William Shaffir, Hassidism and the ‘reasonable accommodation’ debate in Quebec
Yael Israel-Cohen, Between feminism and oprthodoxy in Israel
Simcha Fishbane, The ritual of ‘Kapparot’
London Review of Books, 6 November 2008
Adam Shatz,  Leaving Paradise: Iraqi Jews
New York Review of Books, 55, 4 December 2008
Ehud Olmert, ‘The Time Has Come to Say These Things’
Sharia : A Way Of Life, Islamic Shari’a Council, London, 2008
Geoffrey Alderman, Jews, Judaism and English Law


The newsletter aims to record new books and publications which appear to be of substantial interest and which have been brought to our attention. The listings are neither an endorsement nor a review. The majority of books should be available at Jewish and general bookshops. The prices are retail and do not include postage or handling charges and are as accurate as possible at the time of going to press. Items are described where possible from copy or, more usually, from entries derived from national bibliographic and other listings. Where the editors have reason to believe that an item may be considered antagonistic to Jewry and to Israel, the entry is marked by an *. Items marked + are paperback reprints of items previously published in hard-back.


Globalising Hatred : The New Anti-Semitism
by Denis MacShane. – London: Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2008. – ISBN 9780297844730 £12.99 208pp

Biography and Autobiography

Belisario Sketches of Character : A Historical Biography of a Jamaican Artist
by Jackie Ranston. – Kingston: The Mill Press, 2008. – ISBN 9789768168160 E120 430pp

Footpaths in the Painted City : an Indian Journey by Sadia Shepard. – Atlantic Books, 2008. – ISBN 9781843546047 £12.99 (pbk)  272pp

Music and Men : the Life and Loves of Harriet Cohen by Helen Fry. – London: The History Press, 2008. – ISBN 9780750948173  £20 320pp

Current Affairs and Sociological

Jacob’s Legacy : a Genetic View of Jewish history
by David B. Goldstein. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008. – ISBN 9780300125832 £18 176pp

Jewish Year Book 2009 edited by Stephen W. Massil. – London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2008. – ISBN 978085303890 £35 348pp

Jews and Shoes by Edna Nahshon. – Oxford: Berg, 2008. – ISBN 9781847880505 £12.99 (pbk) 240pp

Scotland’s Jews : a Guide to the History and Community of the Jews in Scotland. – 2nd.
edited by Kenneth Collins. – Glasgow: Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, 2008. – ISBN 978-0955902109 £5 (pbk) 84pp

General Arts: Bibliography and Reference, Music

Poster Journeys : Abram Games and London Transport
edited by Naomi Games. – London: Capital Transport Publishing/London Transport Museum, 2008. – ISBN 9781854143242 £14.95 80pp

A Living Lens : Photographs of Jewish Life from the pages of ‘The Forward’ edited by Alana Newhouse. – New York: Norton, 2008. – ISBN 9780393333916 £17.99 352pp

Omnia in Eo : studies on Jewish Books and Libraries in Honour of Adri Offenberg : Celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana in Amsterdam /edited by I. E. Zwiep, A. K. Offenberg. – Leuven: Peeters, 2006. – ISBN 9789042919082 E160 400pp
(Studia Rosenthaliana, 38-39)

Treasures of the Black Death. – Oxbow Books, 2009. – ISBN 9780900785955 £25

General: Humour, Travel and Cookery

Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks : The Essential Alan Coren
by Alan Coren. – Edinburgh: Canongate, 2008. – ISBN 9781847673206 £20 464pp

Kosher Cooking by Marlena Spieler. – London: Apple Press, 2008. – ISBN 9781845432850 £14.99 132pp


Controversy and Crisis : Studies in the history of the Jews in modern Britain by Geoffrey Alderman. – New York:  Academic Studies Press, 2008

Faith Against Reason : Religious Reform and the British Chief Rabbinate, 1840-1990 by Meir Persoff. – London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2008. – ISBN 9780853036791 £50.00 508pp.;  9780853036708  £19.95 (pbk)

Huguenots et Juifs by Miriam Yardeni. – Paris: Honoré Champion éditeur, 2008. – ISBN 9782745316394 E40 224pp
(Vie des Huguenots, 41)

Rachel Weeping : Jews, Christians, and Muslims at the Fortress Tomb by Frederick M. Strickert,. – Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2007. – ISBN 9780814659878 US$18.95 174pp

Studies and profiles in Anglo-Jewish history : from Picciotto to Bermant by Israel Finestein. – London: Vallentine Mitchell, 2008. – ISBN 978 0853035770 £40 280pp

Swimming the Christian Atlantic : Judeoconversos, Afroiberians and Amerindians in the seventeenth century by Jonathan Schorsch. – Leiden: E.J. Brill, 2008. – ISBN 9789004170407  E160 2 vols
(Atlantic World, 17)

Holocaust Studies

The Chief Rabbi, the Pope, and the Holocaust : an era in Vatican-Jewish relations byRobert G. Weisbord, Wallace P. Sillanpoa. – New Brunswick: Transaction Publications, 2008. – ISBN 9781412807913 £24.85 (pbk) 242pp

+Night by Elie Wiesel. Translated by Marion Wiesel. – London: Penguin Books, 2008. – ISBN 9780141038995 £7.99 (pbk) 144pp
(Penguin Classics)


The Case Against Israel’s Enemies : exposing Jimmy Carter and others who stand in the way of peace  by Alan Dershowitz. – Wiley, 2008. – ISBN 9780470379929 £13.99 304pp


All Our Worldly Goods by Irene Nemirovsky. – London: Chatto & Windus, 2008. – ISBN 9780701182137 £16.99

Apology for the Woman Writing by Jenni Diski. – London: Virago, 2008. – ISBN 9781844083862 £16.99 288pp

The Believers Zoe Heller. – London: Fig Tree, 2008. – ISBN 9780670916122 £16.99 320pp

+The Courilof Affair by Irene Nemirovsky. – London: Vintage, 2008. – ISBN 9780099493983 £7.99 (pbk)

The Credit Draper by J. David Simons. – Ullapool: Two Ravens Press, 2008. – ISBN 9781906120252 £9.99 (pbk) 320pp

Friendly Fire by A.B. Yehoshua. – London, Halban Publishers, 2008. – ISBN 9781905559084 £12,99 464pp

Indignation by Philip Roth. – London: Jonathan Cape, 2008. – ISBN 9780224085137 £16.99 234pp

The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon. – London: Picador, 2008. – ISBN 9780330458412 £14.99 292pp

The Passive Vampire by Ghérasim Luca. With an introduction on the objectively offered object. A found portrait and seventeen illustrations. Translated and introduced by Krzystof Fijalkowski. – Prague: Twoisted Spoon Press, 2008. – ISBN 9788086264318 £9.90 (pbk) 140pp

The Ridiculous Jew : the Exploitation and Transformation of a Stereotype in Gogol, Turgenev, and Dostoevsky by Gary Rosenshield. – Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2008. – ISBN 9780804759526 US$60 264pp

Searching for Schindler : a Memoir  by Thomas Keneally. – New York: Nan A. Talese, 2008. – ISBN 9780385526173 US$25 288pp

To This Day by S.Y. Agnon; translated by Hillel Halkin.  – London: Toby Press. 2008. – ISBN 9781592642144 £14.99 200pp

+Twenty-four hours in the life of a woman; and, The Royal Game by Stefan Zweig; translated by Anthea Bell, and B.W. Huebsch. – London: Pushkin Press, 2008. – ISBN 9781901285611   £8.99 (pbk)

The White Road and Other Stories by Tania Hershman. – Salt Publishing, 2008. – ISBN 9781844714759 £8.99 (pbk) 144pp
(Salt Modern Fiction)

Yehuda Amichai: the Making of Israel’s National Poet by Nili Scharf Gold. – Waltham, Mass.: University Press of New England 2008. – ISBN 9781584657330 £26.95 460pp

Middle East Studies

Jerusalem : City of Longing by Simon Goldhill. – London: Belknap Press of Harvard University, 2008. – ISBN 9780674028661 £18.95 368pp

Children’s and Educational

British Museum Colouring Book of Bible peoples by Patricia Hansom. – London: British Museum Press, 2008. – ISBN 9780714131320 £2.99

Yiddish and Ladino

Everyday Jews : scenes from a vanished life by Yehoshue Perle; translated by Margaret Birstein, Maier Deshell and David G. Roskies. – New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007. – ISBN 9780300116373 US$25  384pp

History of the Yiddish language by Max Weinreich, edited by Paul Glasser, translated from the Yiddish by Shlomo Noble with the assistance of Joshua A. Fishman. – New York: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research/Yale University Press, 2008. – ISBN 978-0300108873 US$300 988pp
(Original published in 1973; partial English translation published in 1980)

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