Five Poems

Translated by Alberto Manguel

From Poesía Completa.
Edición a cargo de Ana Becciú
(Lumen: Barcelona, 2001)


In the night by your side
words are clues, are keys.
The wish to die is king.

Let your body be forever
beloved space of revelations.

On Your Birthday

Receive this face of mine, imploring, tongue-tied.
Receive this love that I beg for.
Receive what is in me that is you.


Someone enters the silence and abandons me.
Now loneliness is no longer alone.
You speak like the night.
You announce yourself like thirst.


Tiny lady
living in the heart of a bird
comes out at dawn to utter one syllable

Being There

To watch from this room
where the fearful shadow is yours.

No silence in this place
but sentences you will not hear.

Signs on the walls
tell of the lovely faraway.

(Let me not die
before seeing you again.)

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