JQ Apple App Trial Continues

Jewish Quarterly iPad editionAt Jewish Book Week we decided to open up the Jewish Quarterly iPad/iPhone app for all to trial for a month: the current issue and six-years of archive on an apple tablet or smartphone for absolutely no fee. It was partly a way of showing our app off to exactly the kind of literary cosmopolitan readers we have in mind when we put the magazine together, and partly a small toast to one of Anglo-Jewry’s most persistently challenging and provocative annual events.

Because of all the positive feedback we’ve received, we’ve decided to keep the offer going for a while longer. So if you have an apple mobile device and you’d like to see more of what Jewish Quarterly is about over the next month (after which it’ll roll into a paid subscription, less you unsubscribe), now would be a very good time to have a go.

Here’s how:

1. Install the app from the iTunes store.
2. Open it up (if you’ve navigated away from iTunes it’ll be in Newsstand). Swipe a few pages until you get to a subscription option: tap ‘tell me more’.
3. Choose a payment option — you won’t be charged for the next a month, don’t worry. You’ll be asked to confirm that you’d like to go on with the free trial. Confirm and you’re done.

If for whatever reason you’d like to unsubscribe, do so from within your iTunes store account. See here for instructions.

We hope you enjoy the Jewish Quarterly app, we think you will, and if you have any comments, why not share them with us via facebook or twitter?

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