Our New Spokesmen & Women – By JQ’s Youngest Ever Contributor

Introducing 11 year-old James Cosgrove – on the biggest commentators of our day, the YouTubers.

On Sunday 26 October, nine celebrities who you’ve probably never heard of collided in a YouTuber Festival named Amity Fest. Zoe Sugg, or Zoella as she’s known on YouTube, Caspar Lee, Alfie Deyes (pointlessblog), Louise Pentland (sprinkleofglitter) Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart – these selfie-obsessed teenage icons – receive larger audiences than the likes of the BBC series Downton Abbey and Doctor Who; their audiences are aged between 10-18.

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I think their popularity is because they are so open with their daily lives and always offer advice to their many viewers who might not be a good mood before they switch their phones on; watching them puts you in a good mood.

I would like to be a YouTuber. I have tried and with no script it is pretty hard to keep on having to think of a punch line to grab that extra subscriber.

I think the YouTubers are an excellent example of 21st century culture – where teenagers no longer sit on the sofa and watch TV but spend hours of time in their bedroom watching their favourite vloggers. But I don’t think this fits in to Jewish culture, as the Jewish belief is about community and socialising, and this is a very isolating activity.

Amity Fest kicked off with the Amity Fest Olympics, which included sumo-wrestling and building a human pyramid; all kinds of items were thrown into the audience – javelins, balloons and also some glow sticks. There were also Q&As with the vloggers, and a ‘screamometer’, measuring the noise of screams in the room, which would decide the YouTubers next activity – like watching paint dry or a javelin competition.

Joe Sugg (thatcher Joe), Zoe’s brother, was also meant to be at the show – which is travelling from Birmingham to Liverpool, then Brighton – but due to food poisoning, which he says might have been from food at rehearsals, he stayed at home in bed, so the other YouTubers wondered around the stage with a lifesize cardboard cut-out of the star.

In my opinion, Jim Chapman, who recently got engaged to YouTube star Tanya Burr, was the best on-stage YouTuber, although Louise was also amazing, as the host of the “Amity Olympics”.

James Cosgrove, 11, is a fantastic and enthusiastic entrepreneur and a keen journalist. He lives in London with his two sisters and is in year 7 at JFS.

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