Inklisch Rekortdinks

Sekschon 1: Inklantd (1938-1980)

Not zo mainy Dais zinz ve arrivink.
Zis grey iss like Bearlin, zis same grey Day
ve hef. Zis norzern Vezzer, oont ze demp Street.
A biet off Rain voant hurt, vill help ze Treez
on zis Hempstet Heese vee see in Fekt.
Vy shoot I mind zet?

I try viz ze Busses, Herr Kondooktor eskink
me… for vot? I don’t eckzectly remember;
Fes plees? To him, my Penny I hent ofa –
He nods viz a keint Smile- Fanks Luv!
He sez. Oh! I em his Luff – turns Hentel
on Machine, out kurls a Tikett.

Zis is ven I know zat here to settle iss OK. Zis
City vill be Home, verr eefen on ze Buss is Luff.

Watch London based on Herxheimer’s poem.

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