The Book of Judges

In those days Harvey Kaplan judged all Israel.
He also judged most corned beef sandwiches
                              to be inadequate
and politicians
         to be corrupt numbskulls. He judged
his late wife’s dumplings
         superb and his successful
         adult children as inept. He judged
Israeli premiers
          to be woefully poor negotiators but
when Mr. Kaplan died
          a voice from the Great Throne
invited him to sit in a nearby chair
          and assist
in the judging
          while a breeze from Eden
                                                            wafted aromas
of fruit unknown in the lower world,
          all because
Harvey Kaplan’s lenient
           and accurate
                                appraisal of
his beloved wife.
Harry Rand
Harry Rand’s book of prose poems, The Clouds, was selected by New York’s Grolier Society as one of the 77 perfect books of the 20th century (1910-2010).  He is employed as Senior Curator of Cultural History at the Smithsonian Institution.
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