1956: Revolution and Exile – Autumn Issue 2016 Out Now!

60 years ago today, the Hungarian Revolution and the Suez Crisis prompted waves of emigration. Marking both of these events, the Autumn 2016 issue focuses on revolution and exile. More than 50,000 Jews left Egypt in what Alec Nacamuli describes as the Second Exodus, while George Szirtes takes a personal look at the history and legacy of Jews in Hungary. The issue also features book reviews by Stephen Frosh on modern psychoanalytical responses to traumatic memories, and David M. Katz’s exploration of what makes a Jewish poem. Dispatches from Sweden and the United States tell of university life, new approaches to Jewish traditions, and Raoul Wallenberg. Finally, Frances
 Brent remembers Elie Wiesel, the influences of his childhood in Romania, his beliefs and the scars of his time in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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