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As the countdown to Brexit begins, the Spring Jewish Quarterly asks how to remain strong as an outsider, in a world increasingly suspicious of the other. From Hannah Arendt’s method of thinking to comedians’ use of Donald Trump in their material, how do we tackle the attack on ‘citizens of nowhere’?
One of the most disturbing trends shaping today’s political sentiment is the reappearance of a purist nationalism that suspects and rejects outsiders—because we know, all too painfully, where that can go. Aleksandar Hemon examines the self-defeating premises guiding current assaults on all manner of rootless cosmopolitans and citizens of nowhere. Meanwhile green shoots and resilient insights permeate the issue: from Lyndsey Stonebridge’s exploration of Hannah Arendt’s insistence that we stay present in our thinking and in our values, to Fabian Wolff ’s report on how Germany, the “militant democracy”, may prove a bolster against illiberalism and authoritarianism.

An extract from comics pioneer Trina Robbins’ new book suggests that a tenacity of spirit has always been with us, while Jonathan Wittenberg’s column attests to the significance of good actions, however small, as affirmation of moral principles.

In between, a photo-essay documents Israel’s presence in the Palestinian West Bank as we mark 50 years since the occupation of those lands following the 1967 war.

And we take a look at the Jewish-tinged comedy currently aimed at US President Donald Trump—because in bleak times laughter is, after all, the ultimate display of humanity’s resilience.

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