A Great Miracle Happened There

Once Upon A Time In Denmark

The following is adapted from a series of interviews and articles commissioned by Goldberg.nu to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the October 1943 “Rescue” of the Danish Jews. According to editor Michael Rachlin, “Goldberg is a Danish online magazine about art, culture, religion and politics. Despite the domain name, Goldberg.nu has no connection to the island of Niue. Nu means now in Danish.”

For a generation, Danish historians and politicians have not dared to delve too deeply into the WWII cooperation between Danes and their German occupiers. A relationship that, ironically, resulted in the country’s Jews remaining relatively safe for the first three years of the occupation – and would become the prelude to the October 1943 “Rescue” of Danish Jews.

Denmark’s occupation was particularly gentle in comparison to other European countries overrun by the Nazis due to a cooperation agreement that saw Denmark send large quantities of agricultural produce back to Germany as well as manufacturing small arms to aid the German war effort. But over the last decade a new generation of Danish historians has re-examined the underlying source material, and a new history has been written.

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