Persephone Elopes & Demeter In November

Persephone Elopes

Watch her steps
On any ancient frieze:


He’s a terrorist; she’s his

Mission: the country he’ll kill

For. He says he’ll blow apart

Her home if she doesn’t come

Now shielding him and

She does beautifully—


The girl as cigarette

Igniting when he draws

On her. Feline: nine lives

Spoken for.

He is her fiancé.

His stolen gold in her bedroom

She alone can handle.


She likes his foreign taunt:

“I claim responsibility.”

Don’t ask.

She won’t snap

Out of it or straddle

His shadow.

He wants to

Take her



Demeter in November

Winter squash nest and soften,

Neck to haunch, under the bed.


Demeter doffs her boots and stomps

Through the kitchen.


Blue eggs shiver on the counter.

She reads her daughter’s letter to the fire.


…So fed up with yr effing flowers!

Met a god who pleases me. Hurrah!


If only Demeter had cut her brother-

Seducer, Zeus, that serpent in the corn.


Yet who begets a child

without greed or guile?


She scores a pomegranate.

Whacks the shell again, again.


Jeweled arils pull apart.

Amorphous hearts all in a wine-red gel.


Demeter spoons the seeds:

The fruit, her sweet grenade.

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