About Jewish Quarterly

“…This is not your zayde’s Jewish Quarterly.

Imagine a journal you would read with pleasure, rather than out of a sense of communal obligation. A magazine with deep London roots—the JQ is 65 years old—and a distinctly Jewish voice, completely at home in contemporary trans-Atlantic (British, American, and European) culture. Whose curiosity about the world takes in not just London, Jerusalem, and New York, but Amsterdam, Berlin, Hollywood, Johannesburg, Miami, Paris, Tel Aviv, Washington and beyond. A magazine that embraces the full richness of Jewish life, culture, and controversy—and where political debates reflect the actual diversity of Jewish opinion. A Jewish Quarterly you don’t have to be Jewish to read—or love.

Relaunching in July 2018, the new Jewish Quarterly updates founder Jacob Sonntag’s dream of bringing Yiddishkeit into English for the 21st Century. A magazine for the rest of us…”

DD Guttenplan, JQ Editor